Friday, July 31, 2009

Taking care of business

The Remington ACR rifle with AAC’s Fast-Attach Rebar Cutter.


Remington’s ACR rifle with AAC’s ACR-SD silencer.


Images: RMP

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big pimpin.

Kevin, pimpin the new shirt his buddy gave him.
Image: Suppressor Professor

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ti-RANT 9mm™ product shots


Images: Suppressor Professor

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

More items from Elishewitz

I’ve blogged a few times in the past, when Kevin has bought or received gifts from Allen Elishewitz. I took some shots of Kevin’s personal collection the other day. Everything that you see here, including the box, was custom made by Allen. That pen at the bottom is made out of Titanium…it doubles as a killing device. Enjoy.





Images: Suppressor Professor

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hard. Core. Element.

Shot a close-up of the Element silencer today. This can looks great on a P22. The endcaps have a “Ti-RANT” feel to them…
Image: Suppressor Professor

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WWP Daniel Defense Raffle Rifle

Wow. The silencer shoot is going to be one hell of an event this year. We are raffling off several rifles and pistols that I think you guys are really going to be stoked about. We’ve got a Noveske N4, a KAC SR15 and a Daniel Defense M4, along with a custom Dave Erickson, Condition One Pistolsmithing pistol just to name a few. I’ve posted quick images of each weapon that we have received so far and I’ll be continuing to photograph them as we get the items in from our many sponsors that will be included with each of the rifle and pistol raffles

Here is a quick overview of the Daniel Defense rifle.

Daniel Defense is proud to announce the unveiling of our long anticipated M4 Carbine! This milestone marks the culmination of nearly a decade of dedication by Daniel Defense. Every aspect of this rifle was engineered with the tactical professional and shooting enthusiast in mind. Built to redefine the benchmark in small arms performance, this precision-crafted firearm will perform faithfully in any Military, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, and Home or Personal Security Environment. Call to place your order today.
Materials & Construction
Precision crafted from the highest quality material available today with meticulous attention to detail, The Daniel Defense M4 Carbine will prove to be the benchmark in the industry.
Lower Receiver: Mil-Spec with Enhanced Flared Magazine Well
Upper Receiver: Mil-Spec with Indexing Marks and M4 Feed Ramps
Barrel: 16″ Ordanance Grade 4150 MP Tested, Chrome Lined, 1:7 Twist, M4 Profile
Chamber: 5.56 NATO
Flash Hider: A2 Birdcage Flash Hider
Bolt Carrier Group: Mil-Spec MP Tested, Properly Staked Gas Key
Sights: Daniel Defense A1.5 Fixed Rear Sight; Pinned “F” Marked Front Sight Base
Rail System: Daniel Defense Omega X 12.0 FSP
Buttstock: MAGPUL MOE Buttstock & Mil-Spec 5 Position Receiver Extension
Magazine: MAGPUL 30 round PMag in Black
Vertical Grip: Daniel Defense A2 Styling Vertical Grip
Case: Comes with Custom Daniel Defense Full-Latch 30ft Impact Plastic Case
Made in the USA!


Images: Suppressor Professor

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tattoo Tuesday remembered…

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking if the Branded FOR LIFE promotion is still going on. We thank you for your interest and may do another promo like that in the future, but for now it has ended. We had an INSANE amount of people join the branded FOR LIFE silent army! Check them out on our home page!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WWP Pistol Cont’d

I am totally enjoying getting updates on this custom pistol from Condition One Pistolsmithing. Dave Erickson, the owner and creative genius behind these one of a kind works, has been updating with the daily play by play, as well as sending me the images to load to the blog. It is one thing to just “win a raffle” and it is another to be able to watch the item you take home from the shoot BE MANUFACTURED! Keep up the excellent work Dave, we love the updates.

Friday: Friday didn’t hold a lot of visible progress, and not a lot to photograph. The day was spent fitting the thumb safeties, and roughing in the grip safety.

Modifying the radius of the grip safety. A LOT of setup time for a very small amount of “spinning tool” time.

The frame tangs are marked with Sharpie to show where they are interfering with the grip safety. Gage pins are used to snug the fit, bringing the fit in 0.001″ at a time. File away metal where there is rubbing, ink it up, and try again. Repeat about 100 times.

Getting rid of some “meat” on the underside. This will allow a higher grip on the pistol. It is roughed in now, and will be smoothed out later.

Plenty of meat behind the hammer pocket. It will be removed to create a slimmer profile.

3:15am: The thumb safety was oversized, and had to be fit to go into the frame. The grip safety swings freely, and still has a minimal gap at the frame tangs. An ambi thumb safety will be fit also.

I’m not 100% sure what today will bring. I am 100% sure what I WON’T be doing, and that would be anything on my wife’s honey-do list.

SATURDAY: Saturday was spent doing a few clean-up tasks. I checked the trigger job, tuned a few extractors, adjusted the on-off of thumb safeties, and other menial tasks. Once I was done with that…

Checkering a recoil spring plug.
Checkering a Mainspring Housing.

Reworking the ejection port.

A little bit of hand work on the ejection port will follow. I’ll post Sunday’s pics in a bit. *Dave

Images: Condition One Pistolsmithing

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here is the second rifle for the Wounded Warrior Project. It is an SR15, donated by KAC. The Stoner Rifle 15 series are semi-automatic rifles featuring a 16″ chrome chamber barrel, a URX free floating barrel system, an ambidextrous control system, a two-stage trigger, an improved multi-lug E3 bolt and integral front sight and sling mounts. This is already a comprehensive package on its own and does not require excessive modular accessories for performance enhancement. The KAC SR-15 is the first rifle model with an Integral Weapons System (IWS) that combines both built-in and modular features. It is a TAN finish. Rifle is .223 / 5.56 caliber.

Rifle will come with a hard case, (1) Magpul 30-round window magazine, gun lock, vertical forend and owner’s manual.

Image: Suppressor Professor

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rachel of the day


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