Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WTF’s up with AACBLOG lately?

Where’s Cara been hiding? Where’s the FUNNY?  Where’s the WTF’s, the mustachey monday, the dishes on Mers’ hippie hair and tattoo tuesday? Did Suppressor Professor quit taking pics, did she get fired, did Remington replace her? Nope. I’m here. Bringin the funny back. I was just taking a little breaky poo. I think you missed me, I really do. I watch the stats…I can see what you guys are clicking on, what you want to see, what you REALLY care about on aacblog. I’m bringing more Rachel, more tech videos, more Skinny’s and I’m BRINGIN’ THA FUNNY.

Speaking of funny. WTF is wrong with these two?


Who are these freaks? Trey Knight (Knight’s Armament janitor) and Kevin Brittingham (Advanced Armament janitor) decide to take a little spin on an ATV. You can see the progression of “Ohhhh shittttttttttness” happening through the iphone shots Kevin was taking while they were zooming down the road. You can even see a shot of them actually rolling the thing. What dumbasses. As I was pulling up to KAC to pick Kevin up from spending the day with his bestie, I noticed a smashed Razer ATV, and two thoroughly beaten up men walking towards me with huge grins on their faces. Totally immature, totally irresponsible and totally funny. WTFsville for sure.

More pics of the foolery by clicking ‘MORE’. (more…)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

That’s some tough love!


Ha ha ha ha!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Edgar Bros. Hot Shots 2010 Calendar

hotshots-header [exclude]

Our friends at Magpul gave us the head’s up on this new calendar from Edgar Bros.- Their 2010 “Hot Shots” calendar. It was a joint production between Edgar Bros., Magpul, and Crye (Check out the custom Multicam™ bikinis). There are AAC Blackout™ flashiders and suppressors featured throughout.

You can view all the details and photos as well as order your own copy HERE. The profits are split 50/50 between UK-based Help For Heroes and US-based Wounded Warrior Project.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tribute to “Skinny with Mers”

The other day I was lurking around on SilencerTalk and I noticed a “Mike Mers Laptop Contest” thread. Funny, this long haired hippie that I work with, Mers, that does “The Skinny’s” for aacblog has a following. Who’da thought. As soon as Rachel was hired here at AAC, and we started letting her do Skinny’s with him, they started getting a little more notice. Of course, Mers’ ego wants to think that it was just that we had better content…I think it’s because by nature, dudes like looking at cute, smart girls (even heavily tattooed ones) :) Poor Mers, has to share the silver screen. Well, it pays off. He’s got a following now, and his already inflated ego is now even bigger, like his flowing locks of hippie hair. This contest over on Silencertalk was to give away a computer that was not being used by one of the members. The rules were: create a song, poem or tribute to Mers. A poll was created by Goteron ( member who started the contest) with the best submissions and the Silencertalk members were able to vote for their favorite. The winner of the contest, NathanielStorm, created this loverly little diddy..

Ode to Mers, Arranged in F-

In the hills just north of the A-T-L
There is a man of which many legends tell
Whose hair tis said does flow like wine
And like the finest gold, it’s brilliance does shine

His power is strong, and couldn’t be simpler
What once was a BANG becomes just a whimper
With a wave of his hand, and a twist of a thread
Evil doers of the world feel immediate dread

When his work as a hero is done
And a comb through his hair has been run
It’s off to the forums he races and other favorite places

He answers all questions with ease
Stickers and Rocksett and Tshirts to please
Over all of his kingdom he keeps a keen eye
Veterans, Regulars and the occasional new guy
Get the same special treatment, a smile and a wink
He rules from his thrown, velour camo in pink
No time for morning coffee, no lunch does he eat
There’s product to sell, and quotas to meet

So his hair keeps growing, his flowing gold locks
His subjects make fun, and often they mock
He’s a hippie they say, cut that damn hair!
Secretly wishing that theirs was as fair

And he keeps moving forward, keeps doing good
Always acting as only a superhero should
He heads to the place where his magic comes true
Stares straight ahead, eyes focused on you

He prepares the charming drawl that his following prefers
Nods and begins, “Hi, this is the skinny with Mike Mers”
Then the real hero speaks, and it’s all just as well
True beauty stares into your soul, “And Rachel”

Then, a week or so later, his laptop arrived, and he created another awesome tribute to our crew. Enjoy!

Episode One: The Silence of the Cans

We love it. We really do. Actually, Mers loves it even more because it’s about him…and he loves anything has to do with GUNS or SKINNY’S.

Keep ‘em coming!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Stuff from the shop


The inventory that we ran a couple of weeks ago dug up a lot of cool “junk” in the back. I thought you might like to see some of the interesting (and random) stuff back there.

Let’s see…  A few Evo pistons, oh, and Cara’s 9mm Black Box™ prototype. A Cyclops™ in it’s custom case, and some scrap from EDM’d latches. Prototype Prodigy™ cores, Cyclops brakes, and an HK MP-7 with our MP7-SD2™.

posted by JasonAAC at 3:31 pm  

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



I LOVE the stuff I get to mess around with every day!  Take for example these two beauties that I needed some pics of. That’s a Cyclops™ .50 BMG can over our Element™ .22 LR suppressor. It’s amazing how tiny the Element™ really is.  Of course, it’s also very surprising how light the Cyclops feels.

You can see more info about the Element™ HERE, and get the lowdown about the Cyclops™ HERE.

posted by JasonAAC at 7:22 pm  

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shop Mascot


Although her hair is not as luxurious as Mers’s, he has a job to do, so the title of mascot goes to the new puppy owned by AAC’s Cory. Remy is an awesome addition to the team- prettier than Mers, friendlier than Jason, and a cleaner eater than David.  If only she had thumbs and we could put her to work.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Where do you wear your AAC?


AAC gear is great to have anywhere, but I’m sure it’s especially nice on 800 acres of Montana land in this kind of sunlight. AAC friend James sent in this great pic. James- make sure you send us new shots when you get in your 762-SD™, that will be a heck of a combo with your M1A.

You can order your own AAC patches HERE.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

ACR Up Close


I was taking some pics of our beater ACR the other day and figured you’d like to see some up close pics of the rifle. This is the latest iteration of the rifle that started life as the Magpul Masada. In addition to it’s piston operation, it’s main feature is modularity- almost everything can be switched out or customized on this gun- from the stock to the barrel length, the caliber and the forearm. All of the controls are also fully ambidextrous.

The official info on the ACR can be seen at

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Glock Carbine… Sort of.


Kevin really does get all the cool toys.

Today’s example is this Glock carbine conversion kit from Hera-Arms. It’s a conversion stock system that is mated to a Glock 19. It’s got molded-in hard points for mounting accessory rails, and a charging handle that mounts in place of the rear sight. It mounts using some pin holes on the Glock as well as it’s dust cover rail.

You can see the company’s info page HERE. We’ve also dressed ours up with the sweet hand stop from our friends at Knight’s. Check it out HERE.

posted by JasonAAC at 3:56 pm  
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