Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AAC/DragonCon 2012

Advanced Armament Corp participated in “The Armory“, a portion of DragonCon (yes, that DragonCon)

The Armory is a collection of real firearms that are displayed to educate and inform attendees, including Authors and other creative types in the industry on history, nomenclature and just all around good information on firearms.  While visiting the 2011 Armory, I noticed they only had one silencer, an AAC Evolution40.  A discussion ensued and arrangements were made to not only display the latest silencer technology, but 300 AAC Blackout.  We were also afforded the opportunity to host two panels on Silencers and NFA ownership that filled to capacity quickly.  In fact, they were both standing room only.

Some of the more interesting displays in the room were a replica of a Nuclear Bomb, pretty much any firearm from WWII (M1 Garand, M2, M3, M1 Thomson, Johnson 1941, ect), the prototype of the Atchison AA12, a Mk19 40mm MG and much more.  If you get a chance to visit DragonCon (and The Armory), I would highly recommend it.  What a hoot.

Thanks to all that came out.

A few minute before Panel #2

Who doesn’t love a little beltfed action

KCCO indeed

Had to through Tankgirl in

A “Sarah” from “Chuck”

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