Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gear Review – AAC BRAKEOUT™

The first batch of BRAKEOUT™s have been making their way into end users’ hands. Here’s a two part review from user gotm4 on the forums at You can get the uppers mentioned from the fine folks at Bravo Company USA.

Part 1:

I shot mine last night on my 14.5″ midlength BCM upper (w/optimized gas system).

With this upper I’ve so far used a AAC M4-2000 Brake and a KAC Triple Tap. I didn’t get a chance to put a lot of rounds through it last night but what I did use was American Eagle 55gr FMJ and Federal XM193.

The AAC Brakeout feels much like a KAC Triple Tap in recoil with AE223 both have the little to no flash. One thing I did notice was that although they feel similar the KAC recoil impulse feels a bit smoother when shooting at high speed. With XM193 the KAC Triple Tap produces more flash but shoots a bit flatter. So the KAC appears to be a little more efficient with higher pressure ammo. XM193 has more recoil in the 14.5″ gun than the AE223. The Triple Tap and AAC Brakeout sound about the same to me. Both are quieter than the Benny Hill Rolling Thunder. The AAC Brake (not the Brakeout) on this 14.5″ upper is actually louder than the Rolling Thunder on my 16″ BCM midlength SS410 upper…..weird but true.

The AAC Brake on this 14.5″ BCM was by far the best at recoil reduction but like all true brakes it was the loudest.

And part 2:

Tonight I shot this AAC Brakeout again. This time with 230 rounds. I used 100 rounds of XM193, 75 rounds of American Eagle 223 (AE223) 55gr FMJ, and 55 rounds of PMC Bronze 55gr FMJ.
No malfunctions of of any kind. I shot it all with a LMT enhanced M16 bolt carrier, BCM H buffer and buffer spring, BCM bolt, BCM cam pin, and a BCM firing pin. This is a BCM 14.5” hammer forged midlength with a tuned (optimized) gas system with a AAC Brakeout.
This set up it is almost the lightest recoiling AR15 I’ve ever shot. It feels very similar to my BCM Tactical Optics 3gun rifle (BCM SS410 16” midlength, w/BCM M16 carrier), w/tuned gas system using a CAR buffer and a Benny Hill Rolling Thunder brake.

It locks back on empty 30 round PMAGs with all ammo tested so far which is especially impressive with PMC. It’s truly incredible soft shooting when shooting PMC I can feel it when the bolt hits the rear of the receiver extension and chamber the next round it’s a very weird sensation when I’m shooting as fast as possibly can. It’s too slow with PMC in my opinion I prefer it to be a tad faster cycling. It feels great with AE223 and XM193. Quite a bit of flash with the XM193 but just right with AE223. At 15yds with this set up I can shoot a fist sized group as fast as I can pull the trigger. A few people at the range thought I had a M16, I was cranking rounds off that fast. It’s truly impressive set up in this way.

The Brakeout does not ring at all like the Blackout.

Photos by gotm4.

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