Friday, August 27, 2010

Guitar Hero

These aren’t new items, but new to Mike and I. Blue Force Gear makes discreet rifle cases that are faux Guitar Cases for LWRCI. In these days where being made carrying a rifle case in public can make you, your car or your house a target, it is best to be “the Gray Guy” and attract as little attention as possible. “MOLLE and external magazine pouches = Bad”

Mers fits right in with the Hippy/Guitar look, me not as much. I can totally see him sitting in front of a camp fire strumming and singing “Big Rock Candy Mountain” . . . but I am getting off track . . . sorry :(

You will note that this isn’t just for your average “SBR with a mounted Can” kinda bag. The rifle pictured is Mike’s “THE” Rifle. A full 16″ Carbine WITH and SPR/M4 Silencer(!!) fit just fine.

These are NOT available directly from Blue Force Gear. Get them from LWRCI. Do it now!

Hippy goes to work

Available in “Normal Black” and “Hemp Tan”

“THE Rifle”

AAC Zipperpulls not included

Big external pocket

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