Thursday, November 15, 2012

Military Times on Muzzle Devices


AAC Blackout
The AAC Blackout flash hider is nearly as effective as the B.E. Meyers, but is 40% shorter. It uses a thick, three tine design with scalloped bases to begin the formation of a vortex as soon as the gasses enter the expansion chamber of the hider. This design, and the B.E. Meyers, were both highly rated and purchased by the U.S. Army for use as a signature reduction device by soldiers in Afghanistan. In 2010, the Joint Special Operations Command performed its own tests in support of a contract to outfit its operators with effective flash suppression. They found the AAC Blackout and B.E. Meyers flash hiders were both 96% more effective in reducing muzzle flash than an A2 birdcage hider. $100,

AAC BrakeOut
Brakes reduce flash but not nearly as effectively as a dedicated flash hider. By dropping one baffle and replacing it with the three open tines found on the Blackout, the Brakeout gives up about 10% of it’s braking performance but adds a capable flash hider. It’s a worthy compromise for shooters that require more flash reduction than an A2 flash hider, especially in a short barrel rifle, but want to control recoil. $100

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