Thursday, June 26, 2014

Titan doing what Titan does

Matt from B&H Police Supply sent over a great photo of him using his Titan in a Long Range Class he took in Montana last week.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

AAC Freedom Shirt

Just in time for your Fourth of July gathering, the AAC Freedom Shirt. Show the locals what’s up :)


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Monday, June 23, 2014

Loudest Pilot ever

Oleg sent us in a video of a young lady shooting a “Reactive” target with a Pilot equipped Rifle.


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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Minnesota Petition

A friends from Minnesota sent me a link and I thought I would pass it along. Make some noise up there . . . so you don’t have to in the future :)

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Ran into Jason at BLADE Show this weekend and he showed me this picture of his daughter Emily. NICE!!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Written by ASA on May 28, 2014 – Comments

LINK to Rule Page
Last Fall, the Obama Administration issued an executive action that seeks to amend the transfer of NFA firearms. Known as ATF 41P, it was published in the Federal Register on September 9 and granted a 90 day comment period. In all, over 9,500 comments were submitted to the Federal Register. Of those, around 1,000 were disqualified for vulgarity, anonymity, or non-applicability. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of comments were in opposition to the proposed CLEO signoff requirement. The ASA comment can be viewed here: ASA Comment

The standard timeframe for a final ruling is generally six months after the close of the comment period. However, because of the overwhelming amount of comments submitted, we were told by ATF that the final ruling would likely not be issued until early 2015, because each qualified comment must be responded to by the ATF in writing. This was recently confirmed by an update in the latest publication of the Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda.

After the final ruling is issued, there are generally 60 days before implementation. Until the ruling is released, we will not know if forms that are already in the transfer process will be exempt from the proposed requirements. However, if history is an example, it is likely that all forms received by the ATF prior to the implementation of the final regulation will be exempt.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

SAKO at the Range

Earier this week I assisted with a Demo with Matt Kennedy from B&H Police Sales and Rick from Beretta

We were using the Titan Ti on the TRG-22 in .308 and the TRG M10 in 338 Lapua Magnumrifles from SAKO.  We were shooting about a 10″ gong at 350 yards and honestly, it got a little boring hitting time after time after time . . . with no earpro :)

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

300 AAC Blackout H&R HandiRifle Review

If you don’t have one, your doing it wrong! :)

Jeremy S” did a review of the Handi Rifle on YouTube that was pretty good.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Hunting with Silencers now legal in Alabama – UPDATE

Written by ASA on May 3, 2014 – Comments

This morning, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Advisory Board voted unanimously to repeal the prohibition on the use of suppressors while hunting for all game and non-game animals, effective immediately. When the regulation takes effect in late June, Alabama will become the 32nd state to allow hunters to use legally possessed suppressors in the field. On July 1, Georgia will become the 33rd. Of the 33 states, only Louisiana and Montana restrict their use to non-game animals.

The new state regulation, §220-2-.02 (1)(e), will read:

It shall be unlawful to possess fully automatic firearms or silenced firearms while hunting any species of wildlife.

This change marks a major step in the right direction for hunters across the country who wish to protect their hearing. Alabama joins Georgia as the second state to legalize suppressor hunting in 2014. Similar measures are also in progress in Louisiana and Ohio.

The ASA would like to thank everyone who worked on the issue, including the members of the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) who raised the issue at the March 1st Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) meeting. In addition, we would like to thank all of the members of the CAB for their unanimous support.

The ASA looks forward to continuing to work towards our goal of legalizing suppressor ownership and hunting in all 50 states. We would like to thank Alabama for taking us all one step closer.

*The ASA previously reported that the new regulation began effective immediately. After speaking with Legal Counsel for the Alabama DCNR, we became aware that the regulatory change must still go through a final administrative process before taking effect. We have been told that the new regulation will go into effect in late June. When we learn of a concrete date, we will inform everyone. We apologize for the error.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Oklahoma Update

Written by ASA on April 30, 2014 – Comments

Today, the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted 86-3 to override the Gov. Mary Fallin’s veto of House Bill 2461. The bill, which was one of 15 House bills that the governor vetoed on Tuesday morning, would have required Chief Law Enforcement Officers (CLEOs) in Oklahoma to sign NFA applications within 15 days of receipt, unless the applicant was found to be a prohibited person. HB 2461 previously passed the House by a 92-1margin, and the Senate with a unanimous 46-0 vote.

During a press conference, Fallin explained her decision by stating, “I’ve used my executive power, my executive authority to set aside ‘minor issues’ so that we can have more time to deal with major issues here at the Capitol and hopefully get the attention to get those things done.”

The ASA strongly condemns Gov. Fallin’s decision to veto a bill which was passed with near unanimous support through both chambers. We support the move by the House, and hope that the Senate will do the same.

In recent weeks, Shall Sign legislation has advanced in a number of states across the country. On April 2, Governor Herbert signed House Bill 373 into law, making Utah the first state this session to pass this type of legislation. On April 11, Gov. Beshear of Kentucky signed House Bill 128 into law, an omnibus bill which included shall sign language from Senate Bill 232. On April 23, Gov. Brownback of Kansas signed House Bill 2578 into law, and on April 23, Gov. Brewer of Arizona did the same when she signed House Bill 2535.

Please contact members of the Senate IMMEDIATELY and urge them to override the veto. Also, please contact Gov. Fallin and voice your disapproval of the veto. Contact information can be found here:

Senate: Oklahoma State Senate

Governor Mary Fallin:

Phone: (405) 521-2342

Email: Governor Fallin Email Link

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