Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Skinny with Mers: AAC EDM Episode

Mike Mers gives the skinny on AAC’s wire EDM’ing process. EDM stands for Electro Discharge Machining. The final through-bore in every Advanced Armament rifle silencer is cut using a Wire-EDM process. The silencers are threaded onto a fixture on the EDM machine that duplicates the muzzle of the host firearm. This ensures the bore through the baffles and front end cap will be concentric to either the threads of the host-firearm barrel or the architecture of a fast-attach muzzle brake or flash hider.

The Skinny with Mers, EDM Episode from Advanced Armament Corp. on Vimeo.

Mike Mers of Advanced Armament Corp. gives the skinny on AAC’s wire EDM process.

posted by Cara at 8:26 am  


  1. More of Rachael, less of Mike!!! :)

    Comment by Fred Sampson — March 26, 2009 @ 11:49 am

  2. Get a haircut hippie…lol

    Comment by Jonathan — March 26, 2009 @ 11:54 am

  3. Too much hippie, not enough EDM! (Sorry, Mike)

    Comment by Isaac — March 26, 2009 @ 12:26 pm

  4. Moar, Rachel! You should make her Mike’s co-host. The Skinny w/ Mike and Rachel, FTW!!! I’ll take one of those Rachel pinup calenders as compensation for my sweet idea. LOL. Keep up the good work guys.

    Comment by Quantum77 — March 26, 2009 @ 12:40 pm

  5. I’m with Fred on this one, expencive machines and mechanicle stuff like this and babes go hand in hand !!
    I cant wait for the next vid ;)


    Comment by Paledaddy — March 26, 2009 @ 5:35 pm

  6. Rachael gets my vote for babe of the day. Make it happen Cara.

    Comment by Air Infidel — March 26, 2009 @ 7:38 pm

  7. coulda sworn he said Rachel was gonna demo the EDM machine…
    +1 for Rachel as BOD

    Comment by JAPII — March 26, 2009 @ 9:54 pm

  8. Fill the tank with dielectric fluid and do some burning already!!!

    Comment by Cal50 — April 1, 2009 @ 1:29 am

  9. [...] make a long-story short, we switched to a wire EDM process. The same process Advanced Armament Corp. uses on their real-steel silencers. Yes, it costs more. But holy crap, the results are amazing. As soon as I can take some home [...]

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