Monday, August 27, 2012

TNVC and AAC team up for 3gun Sidematch

This past weekend Tactical Night Vision Company ( and Advanced Armament Corp teamed up to run a fun side match at the Rockcastle Shooting Center/ Pro/Am 3gun shoot in Park City Kentucky. Kyle Harth from TNVC teamed up with Mers, Derek and I to run about 160 shooters through a Cave with Nightvision, IR Illumination, IR Lasers and Silencers.

As you can imagine, EVERYONE had a good time

Shooters were kitted up with state of the art BNVD Binocular nightvision and ran a short course of fire with IR Lasers on .45 ACP pistols equipped with TiRant45 silencers.

Interestingly enough, we were told that during the Industry Master, which had a stage in the cave, you could hear handgun shots in the parking lot above the cave.  However, we played a little game with folks waiting to shoot.  See how many shots you can hear inside the cave.  Typically folks got five to six or ten shots fired.  Amazing.

The gear provided by TNVC was spectacular.  From PVS-14 monoculars,, the BNVDs, to the PVS-21, which is straight up Science Fiction!!  The “Nightvision” shots below were shot, hand held, through a PVS-14

If you are interested in purchasing nightvision, I would tell you that TNVC is your one stop shop for all your needs.  They are AWESOME!!


Mers and Kyle heading into the cave.  Kyle’s so bad ass, he walks around with his eyes closed!

Getting into the cave was a tad tricky, but well worth the effort

PVS-21′s . . . Alien Technology

A little instruction goes a long way

Mers setting up targets up high

Equipment in the dark


Hell yea!!

More photos as we get them.

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  1. I big thanks to the guys at AAC and TNVC for running the cave stage. What a hoot!!

    Comment by s45gaither — August 29, 2012 @ 9:12 pm

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