Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why the Prodigy is take apart

This is going to be a bit graphic and may not be for the weak of spirit . . .

We got a Prodigy in because the owner, a Firearms Instructor who uses his Prodigy very often to introduce new shooters to firearms (removing all the scary noise and recoil), could not disassemble the Prodigy. He had not been able to get it open for some time and brought it in for us to “Un-stick”. The damage done to the end of the core was our doing and in a second you will see why.

When we did manage to get the core out of the tube Lead flew from the core as it escaped. You can see the amount of built up Crud cements it’s self when it comes to Rimfire silencers. This is not the case with Centerfire Rifle and Centerfire Handgun.

This sludge is made up of mainly Lead, but also fillers, unburnt powder and other residue.

A few notes for folks that own Take apart silencers. When you shoot them at the range, before you leave, simply open the endcap/core a turn or so to break it free before it cools.

Even with this amount of crud inside the core, once the core was unscrewed, the filled core pulled easily from the tube.

Once I had photos I simply tapped the core on the wood table and all of the buildup fell to the napkin.

I was able to get a little over an ounce of Lead out of the core

If you look at the middle chambers, I simply brushed them with a nylon brush and the residue simply fell loose from the core.

We get folks that email and call about cleaning their rimfire baffles/core. Understand that you don’t have to scrub them spotless (and strip the protective Hard Coat Anodizing) or use caustic chemicals that create hazardous brews to get your silencer back to sounding great. In fact slightly “dirty” silencers are quieter than “spotless” ones.

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  1. So, how much does this “un-sticking” service cost?

    Comment by marik729 — September 21, 2011 @ 4:21 pm

  2. About how many rounds would you say that amount of fouling came from?

    Comment by yellowfin — September 22, 2011 @ 2:48 pm

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